These capsules promise to be the easiest way to use retinol yet


Frankie Graddon | The Pool

If there’s one ingredient being championed within the beauty industry at the moment, it’s retinol. Loved for its collagen-boosting, line-diminishing qualities, retinol – or vitamin A – is thought to be the secret to baby-smooth skin. Which is why Elizabeth Arden have got behind it for their hero autumn skincare product.

Launched on 10 September, Arden’s Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum (catchy) have been inspired by their bestselling Advanced Ceramide Capsules. With all the benefits of the original ceramide capsules (moisture-boosting, skin-repairing, nifty twist-open pods), the new iteration promises to lessen the appearance of lines, make skin look more even and give a boost of glow.

The selling point (as if the above wasn’t enticing enough) is that, where retinol products can cause redness and irritation (depending on strength and skint type), the inclusion of nourishing emollients such as sunflower, olive and avocado oil will stop this happening. Meaning that if you’re new to retinol or just plain scared, these are a good place to start.

The second thing to point out is the capsules. As well as looking incredibly pretty, they have two major functions. Like the Advanced Ceramide Capsules, the amount of serum in each capsule is the right amount for a full-face-and-neck coverage. This means you’re not putting on too much/too little. They also act as an air-tight container for the retinol formula. Why is this important? Because, as retinol is an active ingredient, it is thought that exposure to light and air makes it less effective. So, the capsules keep it fresh and potent until you use them. By way of Brucie Bonus, the capsules are also brilliant for travelling – highly transportable and no risk of spillage (they’re very hard to pop; I’ve tried).

As with all retinol products, these are for night-time use – after you’ve cleansed, pop one on in place of your serum. You might find that you don’t need a night cream on top, but personally I do. I’ve been using Olay’s new Regenerist 3-point Age-Defying Night Cream (can you sense the theme?), which is creamy and feels hydrating enough for my flake-prone skin. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it’s worth mentioning that any product containing retinol will make your skin light-sensitive, so put on an SPF in the morning (try Beauty Pie’s or Murad City Defense).

Is it the cheapest way to try retinol? No. But what I will say is that they are a straightforward way to use retinol. The pods are clean and easy, and it’s reassuring to know exactly how much I should be putting on. As for the serum itself, it feels lovely to apply and, for someone who is relatively new to the retinol game, I haven’t experienced any irritation. In fact, my skin feels rather lovely.

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